Receiving Amazon Packages I Didn't Order - General Selling

Try this instead: Common gift card scams / Awareness for our customers Right now, (may be different during the day when telephone is available) it’s taking you back to the same Help page, but ask to speak with a member of the Customer Protection Review team.This is the team that normally handles all scams. Considering the numerous changes Amazon implemented, courtesy of C-19, getting a

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Are we allowed to give 99% off promo code then ask for a

Seller B created Money Off coupon code or Percentage Off coupon Code. Emails the code to 100 product reviewers. Each receives the product and posts honest review. Reviews show VERIFIED. registers 100 sales for this product. It’s a no brainier that going Seller B way is essentially rigging the system.

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How do "Percentage Off" Promotions Work? - General Selling

Yesterday I set up a 20% off promotion on a select number of products, 7 items total. The promotion was supposed to take effect at 4:00pm yesterday and is meant to last all of January, however this morning the item prices don’t appear to have been changed to reflect the discount…

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How to give someone free product since 100% Off coupon is

Just give them a coupon for 99% off and send them a gift card code via email for the other 1% plus shipping. Or a snail mail gift card. That way the purchase will count as Amazon-verified. If I was a customer who just won a free product, I would not be too put off by having to pay 1% plus shipping up front.

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% discount for verified reviews - General Selling

What I meant was offering discounts in the form of “% off coupons” or holiday sales without requesting reviews. Since Amazon is no longer considering that reviews for items that were purchased at a discount of 50% or above are “verified”, I would like to check what is the impact of changes in prices or sales promotions on the

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How Coupons Work with fees - Help For New Sellers - Amazon

If I created a $5 coupon with a coupon budget of $1000, and it says they turn it off after 80%, this means between 160 and 200 coupons would be used. Do I have to pay Amazon $5.00 for every coupon that is clipped (or used), and therefore the fees are calculated based on the full price of $30… which means I would end up getting $23.10 back

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How Can I Create a 50% Off Promotion for a Quantity of

Say you product is $20 and you set your coupon code at $10 off. Buying 1 unit with the coupon code will be $20 -£10 = $10 (half price) Buying 2 units with coupon code will be 2 x $20 = $40 - $10 coupon code = $30 (only first item half price) This is why you always use dollar off and not percentage.

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Creating Promotion Codes for newbies - General Selling

I have to admit, I am personally at a complete loss when it comes to promos and even the Amazon Help files are +still+ showing an +“Amount off (in $)”+ option, which no longer exists.. I do know it is better to create unique coupon codes and +not+ use Exclusive, but that’s about it. I also know mistakes can be very costly, with sellers being wiped out of stock over night, because they

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How to Create a Coupon - Help For New Sellers - Amazon

Go to Inventory -> Manage Promotions -> Create a Promotion and the options are all in there. You can create a coupon code with various parameters if you’d like, or some other discount that doesn’t require a coupon code (like buy 3 and get the 4th one free, etc., etc.).

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How to remove "Special Offers & Product Promotions" from

Add a Claim Code to your promotion and click to make it Exclusive: Claim codes are keys that allow a discount to be applied to an order. The buyer must enter the code at checkout to benefit from the promotion.

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How to give customers coupons? - Help For New Sellers

ProSellers can put a Facebook link in to their product and publish a coupon code there for their Facebook Fans that ties in with a promotion, like dollars off purchase of more than one item, or free ship promos. If the code is put into Facebook, no need to have the buybox if they are directed to the storefront.

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