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Ranking State Highway Systems on Performance and Cost-Effectiveness: North Dakota and Missouri Rank Best, New Jersey and Alaska Rank Last . By Baruch Feigenbaum, Spence Purnell and Joe Hillman. In the overall rankings of state highway performance and cost-effectiveness, Reason Foundation’s 25th Annual Highway Report finds North Dakota, Missouri, and Kansas have the nation’s best state

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Illinois Government Should Shop Around | Reason Foundation

As two frugal parents, they routinely shop around for the best deal-clipping coupons, bidding on new and used products at eBay, using online services to do comparative shopping for car insurance, getting competitive bids from kitchen contractors in the Yellow Pages, or scouting out the most affordable family cell phone plan from the Sunday ads.

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Solid Waste Collection Update | Reason Foundation

The contract also includes a new program called Recycling Rewards, which gives participants an average of $165 a year in discount coupons for local and national businesses.16 Cincinnati, Ohio: The Ohio Auditor of State, Dave Yost, published a performance audit of Cincinnati’s Public Service Department finding the city could save millions of

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Reduce Los Angeles’ Vulnerability to Transit Strikes

The provider would hand in all the coupons to a central agency (a revamped MTA?) for reimbursement. This kind of system would stimulate far more competition, perhaps enticing existing municipal providers like Torrance and Culver City to expand their routes, and possibly even luring new private firms into the transit business.

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The FTC Plans to Regulate Blog Content | Reason Foundation

By contrast, a mommy blogger on Double Bugs praised Skinny Cow low-fat ice cream sandwiches and thanked a Web site called Mom Central for the chance to try them. But there’s no clue that Nestle SA’s Skinny Cow division was giving bloggers coupons for free products. It gets more chilling as you read on.

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5 Reasons Why the Federal Trade Commission’s Proposed

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last week published its policy recommendations for the protection of consumer privacy online. While the agency gives lip service to industry “self-regulation,” it nonetheless asks Congress for legislation that would impose top-down controls on information collection that could undermine the future growth, innovation and economy of all web-based

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