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The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis is pursuing an economy that works for all of us. Serving Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Actived: Thursday Feb 25, 2021

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Update on Minneapolis Fed Ending Too Big to Fail Initiative

off-balance-sheet structured investment vehicles (SIVs) before the crisis. They had no legal obligation to provide a financial backstop if their SIVs ran into trouble. Yet during the crisis, some banks chose to rescue their SIVs because of reputational risks they would incur if they had allowed the SIVs to collapse. The SIVs’ liabilities

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Where have all the tourists gone? | Federal Reserve Bank

An e-mail survey last fall of Montana tourist operators by the University of Montana’s Institute for Tourism and Recreation Research found that many businesses were reluctant to cut prices upfront, but were open to making deals—granting discounts for extended stays, for instance, or handing out coupons good for a price break on dinner.

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Taxing Risk and the Optimal Regulation of Financial

Of course, bonds with negative coupons do create difficulties. (How should the government collect from bondholders?) To deal with this issue, the government can require the rescue bond to pay a relatively large positive fixed coupon C (instead of a zero coupon) when no transfers are made to or received from the financial institution. The coupon

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Meeting the District's Currency Needs | Federal Reserve

The Helena branch has about $4 million in coin and has no off-site holdings. Food stamps, which are issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, are distributed to income-eligible people. Merchants accept the coupons like money and deposit them at their local bank.

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Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

I have a fixed consolidated loan at 6.25% that seemed like a good deal at the time. My grad loans are going to kill me at 6.8%fixed and 7.75%variable (private loan to be paid off asap). I doubt I will see a change in these interest rates. FYI: I am going to be a special education teacher, so paying off 45-50,000 in debt is going to be difficult.

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Boston: November 1974 | The Federal Reserve Bank of

Each opened his remarks by noting the economy is not simply bad but worsening. Eckstein' s next forecast will show real GNP down 1 percent in 1975, business fixed investment off by 4 percent in real terms, output down at a 6-percent annual rate in the current quarter, and unemployment rising to 7.5 percent by mid-1975.

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Richmond: March 2011 | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

This is the off season for Mid-Atlantic beach rentals; however, a contact there reported that advance rentals rose since our last report, pushed by "value-added" incentives, such as price guarantees. The contact indicated that tourists were still dining out, but were more likely to use coupons, and that some high-end restaurants were "feeling

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Chicago: March 1980 | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Coupons may be offered on food items, and then withdrawn at a later time. High interest rates and reduced availability of credit are beginning to "bite" to a degree unprecedented in this cycle. Usury is no longer a major factor in mortgage loans, because high rates eliminated many potential borrowers.

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Richmond: March 2014 | The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Exports of agricultural materials leveled off in Baltimore, while in Charleston, South Carolina, exports of containerized grains and soybeans were very strong. International coal exports declined slightly while coal shipments to domestic locations fell sharply. and restaurant coupons. Finance Since our last report, consumer borrowing slowed

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