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Actived: Thursday Jan 21, 2021


5 Ways to save money when you’re broke - Graphic Online

Simply choosing the generic brand of food more often, or shopping deals and using coupons can quickly save you money. You may have to cut out your preference for name brand items in order to save big.

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Ghana issues maiden dollar bond on local market - Graphic

The offer attracted a total of 26 bids from resident investors only with a face value of $99.64 million. This represents a 5.28 per cent over subscription and the coupon rate was within the

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Saving private universities - Graphic Online

The snacks were the first to go; then the free food was first replaced with coupons and then eventually cut off completely and the dining halls were privatised.

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The clash of the titans: To be or not to be? - Graphic Online

Elsewhere in the world, football is thriving and football pools are a serious business testing the brains of football fans with coupons printed far in advance of their time. The fixtures don't

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It’s Superman from Diamond - Graphic Online

Superman is a single off her upcoming album which would be released next year. Apart from Taste My Apple, other songs she has to her credit are Fylla In Town and Popping which earned her a

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How to avoid Ponzi schemes and other investment frauds

Ponzi initially bought a small number of international mail coupons in support of his scheme, but quickly switched to using incoming funds from new investors to pay purported returns to earlier

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GGBL launches campaign to tackle drink-driving - Graphic

Drivers that do not engage in drink-driving will be rewarded with branded souvenirs and ultimately free fuel coupons’. Govt to pay laid off workers temporary incomes. Jul 23, 2020.

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Appreciating Investment Valuation Models (v) - Graphic Online

For instance, coupons could be paid annually, semi-annually, quarterly or monthly. The last two options are rare in bond transactions, but they are possibilities. Obour shows off new look as

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No cause for alarm over domestic dollar bonds - Graphic Online

The Minister of Finance, Mr Seth Terkper, has downplayed concerns by the commercial banks that the recent domestic dollar bond issued by the government would out-compete local banks in dollar

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Geospatial technology for Ghana’s - Graphic Online

Geospatial take-off. Welcoming the participants to the forum, which also included leading geospatial and industry experts from other corners of the globe, Prof. Banoeng-Yakubo said under the Land

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