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The Cell Currently Being Evaluated Contains A Constant

Excel generates the message: "the cell currently being evaluated contains a constant" and then does not evaluate a formula. The same formula, character for character, works fine in a different workbook. I can find no differences between their properties. 1) Does anyone know what causes this? 2) Does anyone know why there is no reference to this message in any Microscoft help or assistance

Actived: Saturday Mar 28, 2020

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DURATION, YIELD, PRICE for monthly frequency (12)

MS-Off Ver Excel 2010 Posts 10. DURATION, YIELD, PRICE for monthly frequency (12) Greetings, It seems that excel is not capable of using any of the financial formulas/functions on cases where the fixed income instrument at hand has a monthly coupon (frequency of 12) DURATION, YIELD, PRICE for monthly frequency (12)

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Producing discount code in visual basic - Excelforum

Hi, I am trying to write and function in Visual Basic that takes customer type and number of items purchased as inputs, and returns the correct level discount that should be given. The discount given is based on the type of customer and the amount of items purchased. For example: Customer1 More than 50 items - 30% 25 to 49 items - 20% 15 to 24 items - 15%

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Formula help - coupon # [SOLVED]

I need help with a formula. I have highlighted it in the attachment. Here is the jist.. There are 8 apartment buildings and 15 apartments in each building. Coupon books need to be made for each apartment & each month. I am having a problem with the coupon number. It works for the Building 1, apartment 1, and months 1-12, but when I go to the next apartment, instead of going to the next

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Macro to Sort Coupons by Redeemer Number [SOLVED]

I scan coupons with a desktop scanner into a giant folder and I'm trying to make this easier on myself if at all possible. I'm wondering if once I have the giant index of all the coupons if there isn't a way to come up with a macro to put the coupons into the correct column based on their four digit redeemer number. Here is an example of the coupon data: Column A Column B

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A coupon organizer with product name, value, exp. date

A coupon organizer with product name, value, exp. date, etc. Some sort of template for organizing coupons This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the

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Separating $1 and $2 Coupons by Bar Code

I'm having a hard time coming up with a macro that will sort this data the way I want. We have farmers market coupon barcodes that will be for $1 and $2 food coupons. The $1 coupons will all have barcodes that fall within this range: 850001-860000. The coupons will always start with HB2016. So the $1 coupons will be HB2016580001 to HB2016860000.

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INVESTMENTS OPPORTUNITES: Get 10.5% or 50% Monthly returns

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Create random codes - Excel Help Forum

MS-Off Ver 2003, 2010 Posts 40,635. Re: Create random codes Create random codes I Just did and its look like it is doing what I need :-) I didn't realize which value I need to change to make it a mass of coupons (I need something like 5000 unique codes). If I have a mass of codes i can just remove duplicates and get the desire results.

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Calculating Bond yields on Bonds with Multiple Coupons

Hi, I am trying to calculate the Yield on Step up bonds. For example, the bond may have a 0% coupon for 4 years then 6% coupon for years 5-9 and 9% from 10 through to maturity. Does anyone know of a function or of a way to calculate the yield on such a bond using VBA?? The yield function only allows for one coupon rate to be assigned.

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Auto fill consecutive row after processing from different

Hello excel experts, I have problems with H2 from "Sell" sheet. I'm trying to get auto result in H2. IF the Coupon code in "Sell" sheet (C2:C32) have a match from any of (B2:B32) in "Buy" sheet, THEN it will calculate the value in "Sell" sheet G2, minus I2 in "Buy" sheet. The problem is, I need to get the value based on the coupon code, and not depending from the same row on "Buy" sheet.

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