Is A Lean Or Fixed-Fee ERP Implementation Right For You

ERP implementations have a long and historied reputation for going over-budget and over schedule. That's why many small or mid-sized businesses who are purchasing ERP for the first time might have heard about fixed-fee and lean implementations as a way to mitigate some of those associated risks.

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How Marketers Get the Most from ERP-Integrated E-Commerce

ERP-integrated e-commerce also arms marketers with a number of loyalty-building tools. These include coupons, gift cards, personalized web promotions, loyalty points and more. By carefully selecting an e-commerce platform with the right features, you’ll be amazed at how easily you can attract, convert, and retain a happy, loyal customer base.

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3 e-commerce KPIs you can measure from your ERP - ERP

Another effective strategy for increasing average order value involves structuring your prices to offer a discount once the customer’s order meets a certain threshold. This can be a direct discount, such as 5% off on all orders over $100. Free shipping is arguably even more effective. Managing complex price structures like this is obviously

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Role of E-commerce and ERP Integration in the Seed

They include features like related products, upsell, cross-sell, promotional pricing, coupons and more advanced features like segmentation, targeted promotions, private sales, and more. These tools can help businesses easily reach their target customers and increase sales directly from the platform.

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