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How to create a Discount Code for eBay store custo

I want to create a discount code that allows customers with a certain discount code to receive 10% off. How can I do about that? I tried the Mystorerewards app but it requires people to register via email link. The problem is that I want to post the code online and print media (example code: DC-1).

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20% off coupon??? - The eBay Community

Hi, I had in offer to use a 20% off coupon at checkout this morning stating if I enter the code I would be saving this much. However, when I returned later today the discount/coupon could not be found, not even in the summary and I did not see any emails on it. Please help.

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Solved: how do ebay discount coupons affect sellers - The

When a buyer uses an ebay discount coupon, does it cost the seller anything? I could not fiind any information in the 'help' section about this, It only talks about buyers. TIA, Bill & Harvey skidstuff

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10% off coupon? - The eBay Community

On every auction I've checked recently, I see something similar to: Pay only $31.49 [ Show me how ] You'll earn $0.70 in eBay Bucks. See conditions Extra 1% in eBay Bucks + more time to pay See terms Hover over Show me How displays Buy it now price:$34.99 10% off coupon: -$3.50

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15 % off coupon - The eBay Community

There you will see you have a 15% off coupon (some letters are in blue). Click there, it will take you to another screen where you will be given a code. Hope this helps! I missed using it during checkout but was able to contact PayPal. They offered to put the 15% difference of my purchase (that was the discount amount) into my PayPal account to

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How do you get the $20. off coupon ? - The eBay Community

I'm going to purchase BIN on eBay item number: 111385822219 that offers $20.00 off with coupon but how do I get a coupon? The seller says they know nothing about this offer even though almost all their listings have this offer if you use a coupon?

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eBay gave me a $10 off coupon but when I try using

This morning, I was going through my emails and I saw eBay had sent me a coupon that's 10$ off a purchase, I decided to use it and when I tried, it says that there aren't any funds in there, why does it say that? I haven't used it yet. (I use paypal to pay) //it's also my first time using a c

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Solved: How do I know a seller accepts ebay coupons - The

You would input the coupon code in the redemption code box, located on the first page of checkout. _____ Be sure to read the terms & conditions for the coupon. Some are limited to specific eBay categories. Some have a minimum / maximum purchase amount.

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Ebay coupon not working - The eBay Community

Hi. I recently received a $5 coupon with the code MYFUNFIVE. It is unfortunately not activating. I've logged into paypal but it still doesn't work. Any advice will be appreciated

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Solved: Coupon Codes Don't Work - The eBay Community

Instructions say to enter the code at checkout, however the field for entering the coupon code is greyed-out, and won't let you enter anything much less a coupon code. And yes, the item I'm trying to buy does "qualify" for use of the coupon code. I've now tried it on several items over $25 (the cr

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