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Actived: Monday Mar 1, 2021


Promotional and/or Coupon Codes - Microsoft Dynamics GP

You could enter this as a Trade Discount or as a line item. The nice thing about a line item is that it will print on the details of the document where the Trade Discount will just print in the summary section of the order. Some of this will be determined by what reporting is needed for any single coupon code used in the system.

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Single-use code coupons for RMS - Microsoft Dynamics RMS

As a follow up to my recently asked question about adding Birth Month to our Customer's data, is there a way to generate a single use coupon code. What we are looking to do is send an e-mail out on the 15th prior to a given month so the people who have birthdays in that month will receive a coupon, such as 10% off any purchase of $25 or more.

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Coupon Receipts - Microsoft Dynamics RMS Forum

Billy, Give me a call, you could do this with XML but your gonna be editing lots of code all the time. I have a hardware solution that when a receipt is printed it can either print a coupon on the bottom of the recipt according to the item sold or a key word in the receipt like say a city name. and it would only print the coupon for that city or item or both. easy setup and once isntalled your

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Coupons or items with negative prices? - Dynamics 365

The reason is because there are a set of hundreds of different coupons / rewards certificates with their own "item" numbers and amounts off that are set up ahead of time. Then the cashier will add them to the sale. They wouldn't necessarily know the amount off at the time of the sale because that's set up ahead of time.

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Vouchers Payable - AND Turning Off - Dynamics 365 Finance

Vouchers Payable - AND Turning Off. We are implementing 365 Enterprise. As we understand it, Vouchers Payable is credited (and the potential Expense is debited) when the payable is established. Once invoice is received (against a PO), this entry is reversed and then the true Expense and Accounts Payable Trade is posted.

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Until August 15th Get 10% OFF GPUG Premium Membership

Upgrade to a Premium Membership now until August 15, 2014 and receive 10% off the Membership Fee! Use Coupon Code 10%GPUG14AUG during the upgrade process. Once a Premium Member, you can take advantage of the GPUG OneSource Education Hub’s hot new webinar series, 201 Beyond the Basics, exclusively for GPUG Premium Members.

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Discounts not reflecting in the sales order - Microsoft

Before R3 the only way to get the retail discounts onto a sales order was to create the sales order through the POS or Online store. In R3 with call centre functionality you can now get these discounts in standard AX client Sales orders.

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What the Scrum Guide 2020 means for Microsoft Power

You can get $100 off if you join before 31 December using coupon code: 93G7PCAH. What do you think of the 2020 Scrum Guide? Which changes do you think will have the most impact on Power Platform and Dynamics 365 teams? Visit the Amazing Applications page on LinkedIn, and let me know in the comments for this episode. Resources. 2020 Scrum Guide

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