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Ok, now let's check if the Adobe PDF Reader plugin is enabled. On Internet Explorer click Tools, then select Manage Add-ons. On the Manage Add-ons panel, select Show: All add-ons.

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Solved: smart source coupons print too small to read

I have used Adobe to print off smart source coupons for years with no problem. One coupon would be the size of roughly half of a piece of letter size paper. Starting a few months ago, the coupon would print the size of a business card. Too small to read and too small for any store to take. Why is th

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Solved: Cannot print coupons from Smartsouce website

I have now downloaded it and when I click on print coupons it says "coupons are being downloaded" but nothing ever happens it just sits there. I am using a Mac computer and Firefox. I turned off my Firewall to see if that was the issue but still nothing. I even tried to print with Safari and it does the same thing.

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problem registering photoshop CS5 student version

But at one part of the application it asks for a 'Coupon Code' and the given description below it says ' See upper corner of instruction sheet inside the box '. Now there is nothing within the packaging that directly say's Coupon Code. Could anyone tell me what I have to enter into this field to send off my application as it is a required field

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typeGEMs V2 - a transformative Titling Tool for Ad

Animate Text like a Pro in Adobe Premiere Pro & Adobe After Effects. typeGEMs V2 is NOW AVAILABLE. Immediate Download after purchase @ - 10199394

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Solved: Reinstalling CS5 on new computers.. what do I need

Hi all, I've got the Production Premium 64bit CS5 Student version, everything installed, registered, and up to date. I'm looking to build a new computer (well, new motherboard, processor, and memory), this means I'll have to reinstall Windows 7 which will also take everything off my hard drive I a

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Advice on preparing images for printing to canvas - Adobe

I think this is a case of responses getting off topic and a little out of context. I originally answered (in general terms based by the "general tips" the OP asked for) by stating "unless the company specifically mentions this or that, then I would contact them for specifics" - otherwise if they don't mention it, maybe it's not an issue with

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Solved: Is LiveCycle Designer part of Creative Cloud

Note the signature tens to show a little off sides on the phone screen when opened - oter wise all looks greta . Roger Whittaker . 604 four one four.62six six For example i built a flyer template for my clients where they could change the stock image and coupon code on the flyer on their own to suit the season, while retaining the layout i

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Solved: Dolby Audio Decoder missing after Premiere CC 2018

Sorry for babbling just wanted to get that off my chest. P.S. is written on Minnetonka's web site mentioning that the Adobe representative will supply Adobe users with an 8 ‐ digit coupon code for the Minnetonka Dolby Audio decoder to be for free and not paying the $295 to purchase

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Solved: Volume discounts - Adobe Support Community

Hi, I wondering why we can't apply a volume discount across a product range in a catalog? We have for exmaple 10 wines, if someone buys 12 bottles of wine - a mixture of different individual products, why can't a discount code apply to that order? Why does the discount code only work when the volum

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trying to send form information via - Adobe

Hey guys, I have a ColdFusion question. I have a simple form where a customer infputs their name and email address. The action takes the customer to a secondary page where I use emails them a coupon code and sends all the coupon variables to a third party who operates our web stor

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