The Ultimate Guide To Steam Oven Cooking

If you lead a hectic lifestyle, you might be missing one time-saving appliance in your kitchen: the steam oven. Learn how steam oven cooking could provide you with nutritious meals free of prep and cleanup in 20 minutes or less.

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14 Easy Meals for One Person -

If you’re fending off the Italian carb cravings, but can’t find a recipe out there that serves less than four people, this mini pizza is for you. By using a pita as your crust, you can pile on pizza sauce, tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil into a single-serving pie that’s painfully easy to prepare. Use coupon code EFFORTLESS to get $30

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Clean Eating Meal Prep Ideas: Your Week Just Got Easier

Clean eating doesn't need to be a far-off dream you're aspiring to. It's a realistic and rewarding way of life that you can achieve with just a few tweaks to your routine. As proven by these mouth-watering recipes, clean food is far from boring and can help whip you into shape — both in body and mind. Use coupon code EFFORTLESS to get $30

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Double the Savings: Easy Meals for Two on a Budget

While it takes some getting used to, you’re better off budgeting now than blowing $50 on take out later. So here are some easy meals for two on a budget that will help you stay on track no matter what you're saving for.

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Easy 30-Minute Meals for Any Night of the Week

You just got off work and know that you didn’t have time to meal prep yesterday. Rather than stop at your favorite Thai restaurant for takeout on your way home, consider making one of the recipes listed below. If you have half an hour to spare, you can make any one of these 30-minute meals. Use coupon code EFFORTLESS to get $30 off your

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How the Tovala Makes Stellar Toast with Steam

The Tovala’s Toast settings use a multi-step cooking process to achieve the right balance of springy and soft on the inside and crisp on the outside. The key to this balance is steam.. The toast settings begin with “wet heat” (simultaneous steaming AND convection baking), and then we follow that with a series of steps that include convection baking, more wet heat, and broiling.

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Easy Meals for Two: 10 Time-Friendly Ideas for Lunch and

Whether you're looking for tasty lunchtime fare or a full-on feast for dinner, creating a flavorful meal is easier than you think. To prove it, here are 10 can't-miss recipes that ensure a nutritious and easy meal for two in one hour or less.

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Hot Stuff: Is the Steam Convection Oven Really All That?

Even if you don't follow the latest advances in kitchen tech, chances are you've been hearing a lot more about steam ovens these days. So how does a convection steam oven stack up against other types of ovens? Glad you asked. Read on to compare and contrast different ovens and maybe even find a better way to cook.

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