The BlackCommentator - Feb 25, 2021 - Issue 854

weekly commentary dedicated to issues of economic justice, social justice and peace affecting African Americans and the African world

Actived: Sunday Feb 28, 2021


The elderly are given coupons for healthcare they will be unable to afford, kids borrow from their parents to pay for college, and Obamacare and PBS are eliminated. For a debate on domestic issues, the evening is more notable for what was NOT discussed - for example, fighting the scourge of poverty, women’s reproductive rights, labor rights

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The Black Commentator - How the U.S. impoverished Haiti

For the entire 19-year duration of the intervention, maximum attention was given to paying off Haiti’s U.S. creditors, with little to no attention given to developing the economy. In 1922, former Marine Brigade Commander John Russell was named High commissioner of Haiti, a post he held until the final days of the Occupation.

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Oct 4, 2012 - Issue 488 Cover Story The Denver

Let me start off by saying that the Obama-Romney matchup in Denver was the worst presidential debate I’ve ever seen. I started off believing that we have to save the popcorn for Biden v. Ryan next week, and I’ll stick with that assertion. In order to assess the debate, it is necessary to separate the style from the substance of the event.

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