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Wells Fargo CD Rates | Bankrate

Wells Fargo offers special and standard rate CDs. The special rates require you to deposit at least $5,000. The standard rates require you to deposit $2,500. You can also earn bonus rates on these

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Best Home Insurance in Florida of 2021 | Bankrate

The average annual home insurance premium in Florida is $1,353, just slightly more than the national average rate of $1,312 per year. While there are dozens of companies on the market, rates in

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Retirement Calculator -- Free Calculators for 401K, Roth

Use these free retirement calculators to determine how much to save for retirement, project savings, income, 401K, Roth IRA, and more.

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Average Cost of Car Insurance for November 2021 | Bankrate

The average cost of car insurance in the United States is $1,738 per year for full coverage. However, the exact cost of coverage varies from person to person, so if you’re wondering, “how much

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Personal Finance Advice and Information |

Don’t let high interest rates keep you from paying off your credit card debt. 5 min read Nov 10, 2021. The average cost of Christmas: Gifts, food, decorations and more.

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Retirement Resources |

If you’re looking to get off to a fast start on your retirement finances, an IRA is a great place to begin. 9 min read Nov 19, 2021. 8 ways to take penalty-free withdrawals from your IRA or 401(k)

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Auto Loan Calculator | Bankrate®

Auto Loan Calculator. Shopping for an auto loan may not be as exciting as shopping for a car, but if you calculate car payments before you visit the dealership, you may end up saving money.

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10 Best Money Market Account Rates for November 2021

A money market account (MMA) is a type of savings account that may allow a limited number of checks to be drawn from the account each month. The amount of interest a money market account pays and

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