50 Best Online PhD Programs In Nursing | Affordable

Several individual data points were objectively evaluated to calculate a score for each ranking factor listed above. For affordability, the most impactful data points were tuition 2 and grants; for quality, graduation and acceptance rates; for flexibility, part-time enrollment options; and for program, degrees granted in that specific program area.. Each score was then weighted, with

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College Has Its Perks The Best Student Deals and Where to

Apple gives students up to $200 off a Mac purchase, $20 off iPads, and monthly payment plans. Microsoft Dreamspark Students seeking developer and design software can use Microsoft’s DreamSpark program to get free access to the company’s developer and design tools.

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Find Discounts & Deals for College Students

A Student Advantage Discount Card costs $22.50 for the year but entitles students enthralled with particular online and storefront businesses to extra deals. Typical deals include 40% off movie tickets at AMC Theatres, 10% discounts on Groupon and a $30 driving credit on Zipcar.

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How to Not Starve in College on $5 a Day

Student debt is no joke. Tuition, textbooks, that deluxe meal plan. Once your school expenses are covered, it can be tough to scrounge up enough to grab a pumpkin spice latte before class. And let’s face it, that “paid” internship won’t get you very far. Fortunately, with a few tricks of the trade, you can live off way less than you think.

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Going to College Debt Free: How to Graduate with No Loans

Student loan debt is at a record high and every year reports and media headlines show that the problem is only getting worse. Loans may be a fast and convenient way to get money for a college education, but taking out too many loans and/or not having a solid payment plan in place can result in negative financial consequences that are felt long after the cap and gown have been hung.

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Many stores offer in-store coupons and special deals on certain items throughout the week and give shoppers a chance to double up on savings in the event they also have a manufacturer’s coupon. Sites like make it easy to find coupons on a variety of grocery items in a few clicks. Don’t shy away from generics.

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Save Money on Textbooks in College

The price of textbooks accounts for one of the more frustrating parts of pursuing a higher education, but social and sharing economies are putting more power into students' hands when it comes to paying for books. Find apps, websites and other resources dedicated to helping you save on textbooks.

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Food Insecurity in College: Finding Support on Campus

For many students today, food insecurity is just a few missed paychecks away. A 2018 study by found that 36% of college students are experiencing hunger and lack stable housing. Add in the fact that tuition rates are going up while financial aid is going down, and it’s obvious that most college students and their families are feeling a very tight financial squeeze.

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